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All About Sportybet Balance Adder 2022

All about sportybet balance adder 2022

All About Sportybet Balance Adder 2022

In this article, you would learn All About Sportybet Balance Adder 2022, is sportybet balance adder still working, what it is and much more. Sportybet balance Adder, has caused so many harvocs. Yes I mean a lot of people has been scammed, duped, and even spammed.

And it still amazes me that, people are still getting scammed. I did not say it is fake, neither am I saying it is real. But whatever it is, we would be getting to know in this article. So first, what is sportybet balance adder.

What Is The Balance Adder

What Is Sporty-bet Balance Adder 2022. Sportybet Balance Adder is said to be an application, that adds money to your pre deposited money on the sportybet.

The Sportybet has been around since 2018. But became popular may 2019 till date. But the period which it was more trendin, was between 2019 and 2021. Though it is still trending, but not as before. Reason am still surprised people are still getting scammed over this.

You can check here, for full article.

How Does The Balance Adder Work

The sportybet balance adder, works by hacking the real sportybet website or mobile app. It is said that the adder actually tricks sportybet into thinking that the money was deposited.

You would have to deposit some amount of money to your sportybet account first. The money deposited, must end in two (2) zeros.

Example: N500, N1000, N1500, N2000, N2500, N3000 respectively. It is said to be in this format so the balance adder works perfectly. Anything aside this, like depositing 750,1250 2550 and so on won’t work.

Now, the adder uses what is called socks5 proxy in tricking sportybet that either the N500, N1000, N2000 deposited is actually N50,000, N100,000 and N200,000 respectively.

For the balance adder to work very well, you would be required to copy your transaction link, when depositing funds into your account. Link that looks like this

Now when you have finished depositing and copying the link, in the app, you would have to change the 1000 to 100000 if you deposited N1000. Then when you check your sportybet account, indeed it has changed from the initial 1000 to 100,000 which can be withdrawn or used to bet.

How Do You Get The Balance Adder

How do you get the sporty-bet balance adder. Now, you would be required to get the app at Copy and paste the url to your browser, to check the website.

But most times vendors do sell the apps. And most of this vendors are scammers fake. They don’t even have the app from beginning but claim they do, to rip others off.

These vendors, are found on WhatsApp. They create a whatsapp group, set the rules to only Admin priviledges, so users can’t message each other. But why if the vendor is real? That is not even the worst part. Lets continue further. Getting the app, is just luck because out of 100% vendors, 99% are fake and scammers.

So in short, getting the app does not seem easy, and the best bet then, was buying from a trusted site which was hackbank then.

Now, after getting the app, you still need the password to the app. And this is the most tricky part of all the process. Mind you, app is sold separately, also the password. And most times, the password to the app, is even costlier than the app itself.

Now, there are different passwords for different sportybet balance adder. While some does not require passwords but authentication or passcode.

To know if your particular app of the sportybet balance adder needs a password, you must first know the app itself. If it is the version of the app that requires password.

Also put in mind that there are various apps of the sportybet balance adder and most of them are fake. Some are created just to scam or spam people of their money. While sometimes, the person willing to sell the app to you might actually have the original of the app, but not wanting you to have it.

Is The Balance Adder Real Or Fake

Is Sporty-bet balance adder real or fake. I have done some little research on the so called sporty-bet balance adder, and have found some interesting facts about the application. The question Is The Sportybet balance adder real or fake, legit or scam is answered thus;

The application is not just one, I mean different individuals also create the app. The app has different versions for different purpose, but also there are lots of different apps also claiming to be the sporty-bet balance adder.

So its actually difficult to know whether or not its real, I have met some vendors online and Whatsapp claiming they have the app, and also claiming they have the logins which is sold separately from the app and is even costlier than the app. I know you must be asking yourself, Is sportybet balance adder scam. To know full story of my purchase story, you can Well long story, made short The sportybet balance adder was real.

Note, I use the word was real here. The reason, You would get to know below.

Is The Balance Adder Still working

As of August 2021, The Sportybet-balance adder stopped working, reason because Sportybet stopped giving the transaction link. Because it is the link you would have to copy to the balance adder. Then tricking sportybet.

But when Sportybet stopped the link, the app became obsolete. It no longer works. I know, you are already liking the article: all about sportybet balance adder

To make you quickly understand what am talking about Sportybet not providing transaction links anymore. Normally when you deposit cash into your Sportybet account. Either through USSD, Direct Bank Transfer, or using your debit card.

There is a link you get example: link that looks like this

Now Sportybet after noticing those illegal activities, stopped their link in the transaction. The link is now something like this

For those of you not familiar with the sportybet balance adder or how it works, would surely be asking why did Sportybet shorten the link.

Here is the Reason. To make use of the sportybet balance adder, you need the transaction link. Assuming you deposited 1000 naira into your sportybet account, then you copy the link into the adder app.

After copying it then you change the link. remember I said earlier that the link before looks like this.

now when you copy the link into the app, then you change the value of 1000 to 100,000 then add NG to it. Now the adder does it work to actually change the N1000 which you deposited into N100,000.

So now you know why Sportybet shortened their link to only the transaction. or why they stopped it. Very smart I had say.

Now, even after the link shorting or stopping, there was still some ways around it. I mean after that, They claimed the updated version of the app works. But in my research it does not. But also there was this new app from a ghanian hacker.

This new sportybet-balance adder is designed by a Ghanian Hacker. The app is not the same as other apps even with the design, colour, layout and interface. In my previous I said sportybet balance adder stopped working due to some reasons.

However, I would shed little light here again. The previous Balance Adder stopped working because Sportybet themselves knew some uncommon things were goin on, and they decided to take actions. Which then prevented the old app from working.

Yet people were still scamming with it. I even got to know that the app got updated and now works. But to my research it does not. This newest sportybet balance adder, is the first sportybet app from the Ghanian and it works perfectly.

However, just like other apps. Don’t expect the app to be free, to gain access you will need to have an hacker code which of cause cost 7,228 in Naira. But still, this was as at 2021.

The Sportybet Balance Adder 2022

Now, as of 2022, the sporty-bet balance adder, no longer works. Be it new app or updated app. It got me shocked that people are still being scammed.

Sportybet are not fools or stupid. There is no longer sportybet balance adder anywhere. Do not get scammed. The Adder has stopped working a long time ago.

If you find yourself, in a group claiming they have the app, or passcode. Don’t get deceived, its all lie. No more Sportybet Balance Adder, and I don’t think, there would ever be again.

In Summary

The sporty-bet balance adder then, was kind of a big deal. But then it is not. It actually worked, because I tried it to prove what I would be blogging about. And when it also stopped working I knew because I tried getting it to work. But I gat nothing

Stay away from spamming or scamming groups telling you it still works.

This is all about sportybet balance adder 2022.

Disclaimer: Educational purposes only..

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