About Us

About Us, Namylink.Namylink is a community forum, similar to Ask Naija. As Ask Naija also belongs to Namylink. But however, these sites serves different purposes.

Namylink is built, for sharing links. You are right to say, Namylink is a linking website. Suitable for promoting your brand easily and efficiently.

We want to connect individuals, by the use of links. Cross linking platform network. Do you have a link, then drop it. Be it Social links, Website links, Affiliate Links, Personal links, Blog links, or even Linktree.

Whatever the link is, drop it, and drive traffic.

This is what Namylink is built for. So start enjoying us today, as your success is our top priority. Unlike any other platform, Namylink is easier, better and faster way of sharing your links, without limit.

To know about Ask Naija also, visit About Ask Naija.

This is Namylink, and this is who we are.